Managed Services




Website:  https://www.ricpartners.com/
Address:  8175 E Evans Drive Unit 1218 Scottsdale, AZ 85267


Primary Contact:  Ian Griffin, Partner
Primary Contact Office Number:  414.750.1586
Primary Contact Email Address:  [email protected]


RIC provides a range of "Managed Services" to law firms, large and small throughout North America.

Services include examination of physical and electronic files for content and regulatory compliance, indexing of documents located in offsite storage for linkage with an electronic system, cost reduction programs to optimize operating expense and reduce removal fees for both electronic and offsite document storage facilities.

Full service management of third party relationships with all vendors associated with the records management task including site visits to check facility compliance with appropriate regulatory mandates, facilitating service requests and periodic audit of services rendered against invoices received.   

RIC's mission is to ensure that all of our clients are treated fairly by all of their document storage vendors. This includes ensuring that they are paying market prices for storage and services, facilities are compliant with the appropriate regulations and risk is minimized.

As a "Managed Services" provider we are constantly negotiating with storage vendors and always current on the market dynamics as they relate to pricing and terms and conditions. As a consequence we are ideally situated to have an immediate impact on any client engagement.