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Address: 415 N Prince St #200, Lancaster, PA 17603


Primary Contact:  Valerie Brauckman
Primary Contact Office Number:  610-942-7501
Primary Contact Email Address:  [email protected] or [email protected] 


TelcoWorks, now part of AVAIL Technology Solutions, Lancaster, PA, is UCaaS, CCaaS and Cyber certified, and a trusted technology advisor focused on cloud-based hosted voice, Microsoft Teams for voice, contact center, desktop as a service, SD-WAN, Internet, broadband, managed mobility, and wireless solutions.   With an ecosystem of over 250 vetted service providers in its technology supplier portfolio, AVAIL ethically pits service providers against each other to secure the best solution at the best price.  We help clients do more with less, saving them an average of 20% on their existing services,  reduce vendor sprawl, and be their resource for day 2 support post turnup.  The merger with AVAIL Technology Solutions is a win-win for TelcoWorks clients, bringing expanded back-office support including a 24x7 help desk, a fully-staffed project management team, a client advocacy group that conducts first-month bill reviews and a bench of cloud solution architects and voice engineers.  Our services are free to clients, we are compensated by the service providers ultimately selected to provide services.