VoIP Networks

IT Services; Telecomm Services




Website:  www.voipnetworks.com
Address:  1951 Old Cuthbert Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034


Primary Contact:  Kathryn Covolus
Primary Contact Office Number:  856-669-5178
Primary Contact Email Address:  [email protected]

VoIP Networks is one of the largest vendors in the Northeast selling and maintaining Mitel phone systems, providing a large selection of features and functionality. For over 30 years VoIP Networks has been selling, installing, and managing voice and data for companies across the United States. In the last 10 years VoIP Networks has launched thousands of endpoints in the legal industry.  With Mitel’s cutting edge technology, VoIP can be deployed across 1) Mitel Server 2) Industry Standard Server 3) VMware Environment 4) Cloud.  Cloud 9 by VoIP Networks bundles all telecom related services including local/long distance, audio/video conferencing, call recording, call accounting, call centers, and much more into one fixed number per month. VoIP Networks strives by understanding the needs of the customer and educating the customer on the best solution for their company to increase efficiency.