Frontline Managed Services would like to have a Focus Group Meeting with several members of the Philadelphia Chapter of the ALA. 

The focus of this meeting will be to better understand the needs of the members of this chapter.  Their goal is to gather member feedback so that they can better engage with the chapter in a way that is beneficial for both Frontline Managed Services and the chapter members.  

Frontline would like to meet with 10 IT or Finance decision makers from small and mid-sized firms where purchasing decisions are made from the Philadelphia office. 

The perfect participants for this meeting would work with firms that have at least 10 attorneys, but no more than 100. 

Frontline would provide lunch and reimburse travel expenses such as Uber or parking fees. 

Once they identify enough members that are willing to participate, they will schedule a time, date, and location. Frontline definitely wants to organize this meeting before the end of the year so that they can best adjust their marketing plans and budget for 2022. 

If interested, please, reach out to Andres Garcia from Frontline at  [email protected] or 305-330-2000.