National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA)

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Address: 1685 38th Street, Suite 200  Boulder, CO  80301-2735


Primary Contact:  Charles Russell
Primary Contact Office Number:  303-953-6820
Primary Contact Email Address:  [email protected]


As a 501(c)(3), the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, or, NITA, operates as a service organization made up of a volunteer network of lawyers, judges, and esteemed advocates across the globe. Since 1971, we have provided the legal advocacy skills that allow the advancement of people, the legal profession, and the pursuit of justice. At NITA, we think lawyers should have the opportunity for safe training: a chance to learn and refine their skills without the stakes of a real courtroom. NITA is the original, and nobody does Learning-By-Doing like we do. We’ll give you a learning experience unlike any other, in a safe and supportive environment; encouraging you to try new approaches and push yourself to hone new skills to fundamentally change the way you advocate for your clients. Return to your office empowered to use the skills you have acquired with NITA.