Throughout the month of August, there are many important dates observed and celebrated by people around the world.  Below are some of the diversity days we wish to celebrate in August's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Spotlight:


August 4: Barack Obama’s Birthday

On August 4, we celebrate the birthday of the United States' first Black president. Some of his most notable achievements include the Affordable Care Act, the Paris climate change agreement, and Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA). He was also awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.

August 9: International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

This day was created by the UN to celebrate the culture of indigenous people around the world. On 23 December 1994, the United Nations General Assembly decided, in its resolution 49/214, that the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People shall be observed on 9 August every year. The date marks the day of the first meeting, in 1982, of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations.  On this day, people from around the world are encouraged to spread the UN’s message on the protection and promotion of the rights of indigenous peoples.

August 15: Feast of the Assumption

This Roman Catholic feast day is also known simply as “The Assumption.” It’s a Holy day that marks the Virgin Mary’s bodily ascent into Heaven at the end of her life. Depending on the country, this day may be celebrated by festivals, fireworks, cultural foods, and colorful street processions.

August 18: Birth of Lord Krishna

Also known as Janmashtami, this diversity day celebrates the birth of one of the most popular deities in the Hindu faith. People celebrate by fasting, singing hymns, visiting temples, preparing feasts, and praying together. 

August 24: Marlee Matlin’s Birthday

Marlee Matlin is the only hearing-impaired actor to win the Oscar for Best Actor or Best Actress. This is a big win for people with disabilities and demonstrates the power of representation. 

August 26: Women’s Equality Day

At the behest of Rep. Bella Abzug (D-NY), in 1971 and passed in 1973,  the U.S. Congress designated August 26 as “Women’s Equality Day.” The date was selected to commemorate the 1920 certification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote. This was the culmination of a massive, peaceful civil rights movement by women that had its formal beginnings in 1848 at the world’s first women’s rights convention, in Seneca Falls, New York. The observance of Women’s Equality Day not only commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment, but also calls attention to women’s continuing efforts toward full equality. Workplaces, libraries, organizations, and public facilities now participate with Women’s Equality Day programs, displays, video showings, or other activities.

August 29: Al-Hijri

Al-Hijri marks the start of the New Year in the Muslim faith. It begins on the evening of August 28 and ends on the evening of August 29. To celebrate this religious holiday, Muslims will make resolutions and spend time with family. It’s important to note there’s a significant difference in how the holiday is celebrated between the two sects of Islam (Shiites and Sunnis).

August 31: Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi, a 10-day Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of the god, Lord Ganesha.  Lord Ganesha is the god of new beginnings and a fresh start.  


The ALA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiative aims to increase awareness of and sensitivity to the differences among our workforce and to advance the concept of inclusiveness and acceptance. ALA’s goal is to increase diversity and inclusion in the Association, in the legal management community and in all legal service organizations. To that end, the ALA’s mission is to provide each Member with the tools and resources required to be a leader in meeting ALA’s goal.  

The Philadelphia Chapter is committed to leading the way with diversity initiatives through leadership, education, advancement and development. Please take a moment to review our Mission Statement below.

Chapter Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mission Statement

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators is comprised of a diverse group of administrative professionals, including, but certainly not limited to, Executive Directors, CFOs, Firm Administrators, Office Managers, and Facility Managers from private law firms, corporate and university legal departments, and government entities.  Our mission is to advocate for a more diverse membership and to expand the retention and promotion of diversity and inclusion in our own firms.  We further our mission through the collection and dissemination of information to the members of the Philadelphia ALA, our respective firms, and our Business Partners.

Chapter Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chairs

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